Q Why would I want to go private?
A The seeking of medical treatment or advice in the private sector has become increasingly popular over the past ten years. This is for a variety of reasons:
  • Convenience - At a Taj Hospital you can have your procedure or treatment when you want it, with no waiting
  • Ambience - All 94 Taj Hospitals have private rooms, ensuite facilities and catering of a very high quality
  • Location - We have 94 hospitals around the country. Please visit 'Our Hospital' to see which of our hospitals is located near you
  • Quality of care - All Taj Hospitals offer the highest quality of clinical care and employ the latest in diagnostic and surgical technology. All our hospitals are regulated by the National Care Standards Commission to ensure that these high standards are maintained.

Q How long would I have to wait?
A Taj Hospitals does not operate waiting lists like you might experience in the NHS. Therefore, you can book an appointment to come and see a consultant or GP or visit one of our clinics at your earliest convenience. Following on from that, you could undergo your procedure within a matter of days or weeks - whatever is most convenient for you.

Q Do I need my GP to refer me?
A For most procedures, a GP referral is required. This is for your benefit as your GP has access to your medical history, which will be helpful to your consultant and us. There are some treatments available without a GP referral and your local Taj Hospital will be happy to advise you.

Q Can I book directly with the hospital?
A While most surgical procedures will require a GP referral, there are some treatments and services that can be booked directly with your chosen Taj Hospital. Please contact your local Taj Hospital for more information.

Q Will I be guaranteed a private room?
A All Taj Hospitals patient are guaranteed a private room with ensuite facilities.

Q Can I have visitors during my stay?
A Visitors are welcome at any time of day to a Taj Hospital. They are also welcome to dine with you from our tempting menu and even choose from our list of fine wines and other beverages.

Q How much will it cost?
A Costs will vary depending on the treatment. Please speak with your local Taj Hospital for more information.

Q How do I pay for my treatment? Do I need medical insurance?
A There are a number of different payment options. Visit our 'Paying for your Treatment' section for full information.

Q Can the NHS pay for my treatment?
A As part of a government initiative to reduce NHS waiting lists, agreements exist between some NHS Trusts and independent healthcare providers to offer NHS patients treatment in a private hospital at no charge to the patient. The majority of Taj Hospitals support the NHS in this initiative.

Please speak to your GP or contact your local NHS Trust to see what is available in your local area.

Q What aftercare will I be entitled to?
A Following all procedures at a Taj Hospital, your consultant will give you important information and advice on your aftercare. This may involve a simple care regime at home or steps you will need to take with your GP. One or more follow up consultations at your Taj Hospital with your consultant are likely for most procedures. Please confirm with your consultant what the full process will be for your chosen treatment.

Q Can I be treated in a Taj Hospital in the UK if I live abroad?
A Taj Hospitals treat many patients from overseas including patients who cannot obtain a specific treatment in their own country, or simply those wishing to be treated in the UK. If you would like to receive treatment in the UK, please contact a conveniently located Taj Hospital directly, to find out how they can help you.

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