The written offer shows exactly what is included in the fixed price. It can typically include overnight accommodation (if needed), operating theatre costs, diagnostic tests, radiology, pathology, physiotherapy, nursing, drugs and dressings, the fees of both the surgeons and anaesthetist (if appropriate), and sometimes the cost of any post discharge tests or consultations relating to your treatment.

We will guarantee that if you have to stay in hospital longer than we expect or anything else is needed for your treatment whilst you are in hospital, we make no extra charges. We also guarantee that in the unlikely event of there being a complication with the treatment you have received within 30 days of your leaving hospital, provided you’ve followed our advice, there will be no further charges.

Please note however, that it may not always be possible to re-admit you to our hospital immediately in an emergency. Should this be the case, we will work with your consultant, to help arrange your admission to another appropriate hospital.

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