Q Will I need to go to my GP?
A This depends. Most treatments will require a referral from your GP. This is for your benefit as your GP will have all your medical history which will be helpful to your consultant and us.

Q When can I be treated?
A When it suits you and your consultant.

Q Will I have to pay anything if I am not accepted for Fixed Price Direct?
A Whether or not you are accepted for Fixed Price Direct the Consultant’s fee for the initial consultation will be payable by you as this is not included in the Fixed Price Direct Scheme.

Q How can I pay for my treatment?
A By cheque, cash or credit card or you may want to consider a medical loan. Some of these are interest free. We’d be happy to send you a leaflet.

Q Will I have a private room?
A Yes, if you need to stay overnight and all rooms have a telephone and TV.

Q How can I find out more about consultants and what they do?
A The easiest way is to call our Customer Services staff, who’ll be able to help. Call Freephone 0800 688699.

Q What if I don’t want a fixed price?
A You can always pay for your treatment on an item by item basis. Our Customer Services staff can tell you about this. Call Freephone 0800 688699.

Q Do Taj Hospitals employ doctors?
A Yes, all Taj Hospitals have a resident doctor on duty 24 hours a day. (All our consultants are independent practitioners. They choose to work at Taj Hospitals in that capacity and in accordance with our clinical policies and procedures).

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